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The Fast and Furious Track

"...And now their musical Marry Harry is opening Off-Broadway in April at the New York Theater Company, running April 25-May 21. Chaos redoubled! Meaning "rewriting like crazy," says Martin. "We're working on the play constantly.

Every change here means we change all the characters there." "And that means," says Biello, "I have to go back and change the lyrics because of what else we changed, trying to get into the heads of these characters."

"We were talking to York Theater about doing the production late in in 2018," Martin says, "but another musical dropped out of the spring 2017 slot, and we decided to take it, so it's gone on the fast and furious track, and we've been bouncing back between New York and Philly. We're up there all next week for casting and start rehearsals March 28. It's happening so fast there's hardly time to worry about it."

"The meetings, the phone calls, everything is multiplied more than I know how to deal with," says Biello. "In a good way," says Martin. "In a good way," says Biello. Our whole chat was punctuated by uproarious laughter, in which Biello and Martin seem to specialize." -